Welcome to our shop. Here you will find original prints, artist books and other items. Each artwork is made and printed by hand using techniques including etching, lithography, woodcut, linocut and monotype. All our stock is limited and reflects our exhibition programme.

All of our work is sold unframed and will be delivered to you rolled in a cardboard postal tube by tracked Royal Mail.

Two thirds of the money from sales goes directly to the artist. One third goes to the studio, making sure we can carry on supporting creative people and print projects.


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Away from the Centre


Artist Rob White has made a series of monotypes called Away from the Centre specially for our Crowdfunder. Receive one print chosen at random from the series.


Artist:Rob White


Image size:12 x 15 cm

Paper size:12 x 15 cm


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Ballinskelligs Bay 9 & 10


Made by Michelle Avison on a 2024 residency in Ireland, Ballinskelligs Bay 9 & 10 was drawn in situ on the beach at Ballinskelligs and etched on her return to the studio. The print comprises two plates side by side and is part of our Crowdfunder selection.


Artist:Michelle Avison


Image size:15 x 30 cm

Paper size:31 x 44 cm


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Dining Room


This collagraph print of a dining room in the house of Elisabeth's in-laws is part of our Crowdfunder. Printed intaglio in brown with a yellow relief roll, this print's plate is made from cut and scored cardboard, a wonderful example of how to get the most out of humble materials.


Artist:Elisabeth Berman


Image size:40 x 32 cm

Paper size:48 x 38 cm


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Find Small Things

Receive a print chosen at random from Eleanor Watson's special series of four beautiful monotypes for our Crowdfunder, each one unique. Ellie was our Graduate Prizewinner in 2019.


Artist:Eleanor Watson


Image size:22 x 16 cm

Paper size:22 x 16 cm


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A beautiful aquatint etching made by artist Ziqi Xu for her 2024 exhibition Siss/ Phuss at HAUSPRINT. A very special opportunity to acquire one of Ziqi's prints and to support our Crowdfunder at the same time.


Artist:Ziqi Xu


Image size: 17.5 x 8.5 cm

Paper size:30 x 21.5 cm


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Plinth, 4


A relief print on beautiful Japanese paper donated by Claire Willberg to our Crowdfunder. Claire's print takes inspiration from found plastic pieces. She uses these shapes as the basis for her practice. Each print is completely unique.


Artist:Claire Willberg


Image size:33 x 48 cm

Paper size:33 x 48 cm


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Rosetta Rose


One of two unique etchings with chine collé donated to our Crowdfunder by previous HAUSPRINT member, painter Rose Electra Harris.


Artist:Rose Electra Harris

Medium:Etching, chine collé

Image size:25 x 20 cm

Paper size:31 x 25 cm


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This is a print which utilises a number of different techniques including aquatint etching, carborundum relief and chine colle. The combined effect generates different textures and colour to (hopefully) convey something of the complex sensory experience of the seaside.

Artist:James Anderson

Medium:Carborundum relief, one plate; aquatint etching, one plate; chine collé

Image size:50 x 50 cm

Paper size:57.5 x 56 cm, Arches


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Skellig Way (Road)

Made after Michelle Avision's 2024 residency in County Kerry, Ireland, this is a monotype with painted and drawn elements.


Artist:Michelle Avison

Medium:Monotype, hand finishing

Image size:15 x 21 cm

Paper size:28 x 32cm


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A beautifully drawn soft ground etching by our volunteer technician Mia who graduated in 2023 from Manchester Uni with a first in animation and illustration. Mia's work is autobiographical and wryly funny - it plays out the day to day anxieties and thoughts of a recent arts graduate trying to find her way in the world.


Artist:Mia Thompson


Image size:15 x 20.5 cm

Paper size:24 x 32 cm


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I have drawn the Southbank with my needle on acrylic plates for as long as I can remember. I draw to feel alive.....
The drypoint process provides  immediacy, of capturing a feeling- the buildings as geometries, the brooding skyline, dotted figures with long shadows. Printing the scratched lines for me, re-evokes and transforms the experience of my interior urban landscape.


Artist:Chris Christodoulou


Image size:26 x 38 cm

Paper size:56 x 38 cm


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A wood engraving by Boris Kwok, who graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2022. Wood engraving is an unusual medium for a young artist, and this is a great example of an image in that medium that references Boris's interest in magazines and children's books.


Artist:Boris Kwok

Medium:Wood engraving

Image size:6.5 x 9 cm

Paper size:10.5 x 13 cm


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