Artist talk: Helen Breach

In this video presentation, Helen talks about the different ways in which she explores the world around her through drawing, painting and printmaking, including looking at dancers in rehearsal, the natural environment and portraiture.


In this 30 minute zoom presentation from 29 March 2021, Helen reveals her love of colour, movement and the theatre. Helen’s talk was part of the HAUSPRINT remote programme during COVID, which aimed to connect with members regardless of physical restrictions.

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Artist talk: Sarah Gillett

In this podcast episode released by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Sarah Gillett talks about her research on how astronauts dream, the promise of future seances, and the joy of collaboration.


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“I think all visual art is a metaphor”

Following a previous career as a forensic psychiatrist, James Anderson’s colourful carborundum and layered woodcuts convey the emotion of inner worlds. We discuss abstraction, inspiration and the hard work of practice with him.

James Anderson

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Etching was originally invented as a method for adding decoration to armour during the Middle Ages. Artists began to use metal plates for printing in the 15th century, when Albrecht Durer made work on iron plates. Later artists such as Andrea Mantegna in Italy and Rembrandt in Holland went on to make etchings on copper.

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