Artist talk: Michelle Avison

From her inspirations to struggling to find a place to draw, Michelle takes us through a chronological history of her work, and how she learned to embrace the practice of looking in this video presentation.


Michelle reveals her working practice in a 60 minute presentation zoom presentation, recorded on 29 March 2021, as part of the remote HAUSPRINT programme during COVID.

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Daydreaming through decoration

“I felt like I was in multiple spaces at the same time – the studio, my source material, my paintings – and I really lost myself in the process of making. I had this epiphany that if I inhabited my paintings long enough then the experience of looking at them would contain the dysphoria I felt, because that’s how art works, it’s a sort of a mirror.”

Eleanor Watson

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Fine resin dust is applied to the surface of the etching plate, then melted from underneath to melt and harden the dots of resin. When immersed in acid the plate ‘bites’ between the aquatint resin dots, creating a distribution of tiny holes on the plate which print as a tone.

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An image is painted, drawn or stencilled onto a slab of limestone or a metal plate (often aluminium) with oily materials, including greasy crayons and pencils, special ink called tusche, and photochemical transfers.

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