Mia Thompson: I am pigeon

That girl has no new ideas

An exhibition of prints and animations by illustrator, filmmaker and printmaker, Mia Thompson. Mia has worked in monotype and etching, and the exhibition includes a selection of her stop motion animations.

Artist: Mia Thompson

Dates: 2 - 4 September 2022


The exhibition is a visual record, a diary of sorts, of Mia’s incredible journey away from crippling artistic silence. “About a year ago, I found that I’d lost part of myself…it was really scary” she said. This exhibition documents the pathways to her recovery from that sense of loss.

Unsurprisingly, the focus of the art – raw, unrestrained, nakedly honest – is entirely autobiographical. This is Mia making art about, and as a result, of being Mia. The prints externalise the artist’s private, intimate conversations with herself…her own “monologue interieur”.

They’re visualisations of feeling and thought.

The result is work that is both memoir and catharsis. For each print offers a double-sided perspective: both an image of agony remembered and a statement of joy rediscovered…the joy of an artist finding her ‘voice’ once again.

The question that always arises with an exhibition such as this one, is whether the work is purely esoteric and self-centred, or whether viewers will see in her images, reflections of themselves.
One way to find out.

Mia Thompson: I am excited by art again, 2022

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