Artist talk: Sarah Gillett

In this podcast episode released by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Sarah Gillett talks about her research on how astronauts dream, the promise of future seances, and the joy of collaboration.


Fermynwoods Podcast 1 was released on 1 May 2020 and is a 52 minute conversation between Sarah and former Fermynwoods Assistant Director Jessica Harby, who curated, produced, and hosted the podcast from 2019 – 2021.

In 2019 Sarah was commissioned by Fermynwoods to produce work over two years and multiple sites as part of its programme In Steps of Sundew. In this talk, she discusses the inspiration provided by the grounds, archives and staff at Rockingham Castle, the challenges of working through a pandemic and her shifting perceptions of the world from behind glass.

This episode features clips from her audio work Well Well (2014) as well as a full-length playthrough of her earliest audio work, Black Night, made in 1996.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art is an educational charity and arts organisation that supports life through art. It commissions innovative and meaningful ways for visual artists to engage with audiences, in public spaces across Northamptonshire and online.

Sarah Gillett is an artist and writer investigating the life of things across space and time.

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