With a lot of help from you – our 2024 Crowdfunder story

In May 2024 we ran a Crowdfunder appeal to raise £10,000 for two new presses and improvements to the studio. We are thrilled to say that we exceeded our target with donations of over £11,500.

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal, by buying a one-to-one class, an original print, a lovely green HAUSPRINT apron, a set of postcards, or by simply donating. Every penny makes a huge difference.

For this reason, we are keeping the Crowdfunder open, as we hope to try and reach our stretch target of £14,000. This would give us enough to provide the start we need to try and match-fund our Young Technician post and provide financial support to our Recent Graduate Prizewinners. It will support new outreach work in our local community and work to explore sustainable printmaking practice. 

Donate to our Crowdfunder appeal here.

With the £10,000 you donated, we can buy the two new etching presses so we can work larger and facilitate different ways of printing. We will have more flexibility to work in more experimental and sustainable techniques.

We will now be improving our facilities to make better, more sustainable space, re-configure the studio, add new benches and generally have a refresh. 

This means so much to us because at every stage in our 14-year history, we have risen to the challenge of surviving as a small arts organisation.

“When I established the studio in 2010, I wanted to make a shared space where printmaking friends, artists, and new printmakers could come together, make work, and learn from each other. I am indebted to several important London-based printmakers who shared their knowledge with me, who took me under their wing and helped build my confidence when I was a young artist. HAUSPRINT is the place where that mentoring work continues.”

Michelle Avison, founder and director

As a not-for-profit CIC, profits go back into our work supporting artists. It’s important to us that we continue to offer good value and the best equipment we can afford, so we can make sure the prints made by artists in the studio are of a professional high standard. The Crowdfunder appeal has provided the additional money we needed to upgrade the studio. 

Now we are getting on with the studio transformations, so this story will be updated to show the impact of your donations. Thank you again for your support.

Crowdfunder selection

Find Small Things

Receive a print chosen at random from Eleanor Watson’s special series of four beautiful monotypes for our Crowdfunder, each one unique. Ellie was our Graduate Prizewinner in 2019.

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Skellig Way (Road)

Made after Michelle Avision’s 2024 residency in County Kerry, Ireland, this is a monotype with painted and drawn elements.

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A wood engraving by Boris Kwok, who graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2022. Wood engraving is an unusual medium for a young artist, and this is a great example of an image in that medium that references Boris’s interest in magazines and children’s books.

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Collecting the Looking

“I love drawing really quickly. I love drawing in really difficult situations. I love drawing in the dark. I like what happens when you can’t see everything or when it’s passed and you have to remember it rather than drawing what it actually looks like, so it’s about the experience of looking as much as what I’m looking at.”

We talk to Michelle Avison about building a resilient artistic practice over 30 years.

Michelle Avison

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Etching was originally invented as a method for adding decoration to armour during the Middle Ages. Artists began to use metal plates for printing in the 15th century, when Albrecht Durer made work on iron plates. Later artists such as Andrea Mantegna in Italy and Rembrandt in Holland went on to make etchings on copper.

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Abrasive carborundum grit (silicon carbide) is mixed with acrylic medium or glue and painted onto a flat surface, such as plastic or metal.

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