Artist talk: SooMin Leong

In this video presentation, SooMin discusses her practice, the importance of landscape in her images and how walking can change how we experience the world.


SooMin recorded this 42 minute presentation on zoom on 7 April 2021, as part of the HAUSPRINT remote programme during COVID, which aimed to stay connected to members through artist talks and online workshops.

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Collecting the Looking

“I love drawing really quickly. I love drawing in really difficult situations. I love drawing in the dark. I like what happens when you can’t see everything or when it’s passed and you have to remember it rather than drawing what it actually looks like, so it’s about the experience of looking as much as what I’m looking at.”

We talk to Michelle Avison about building a resilient artistic practice over 30 years.

Michelle Avison

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Using a sharp pointed tool like an etching needle, an image is scratched into a flat polished sheet of metal such as copper or aluminium. Plastic or card can also be used.

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Artist talk: Eleanor Watson

Eleanor grapples with her attraction to decorative interiors, finding beauty in pattern, object and light, in this video presentation.


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